“teenage mutant x-men is such a bad idea.”

Even gods shed tears.




officially my favorite post on tumblr

oh ho HO

rhodey wears it better


I want to see them getting coffee together and then talking about the US Military’s ridiculous love of dressing their servicemen with the Flag.

I wonder if they’ll make Rhodey do a dance number.

1960’s Maybelline Makeup Tutorial





So often, modernizations and movie adaptations get a bad rap, and those who love the heart and soul of the original works fume at them with just indignation. But every once in a while, the adaptation isn’t bad. Every so often, they bring old worlds to new people, and that’s the best thing there is.

God bless this post.

Errr, technically the Avengers one is more of an adaptation than a modern adaptation (the comics are still going even though a lot of people don’t notice).

But totally agree with this, there’s good and bad adaptations (and even some of the bad ones are good if you ignore the source material).

The Interview with The Vampire movie got me into the Vampire Chronicles, when the Queen of the Damned movie came out I thought it was pretty bad especially compared to the book but DAMN Aaliyah was my Akasha and when I re-read the book I ignored Anne Rice’s description of Akasha’s pale skin and just imagined Aaliyah instead.

So yeah pretty much this.

any movie that inspires someone to read is worth every penny of production costs. it starts with them reading the source material, then, sometimes, that person realizes they enjoy reading, and they read more

He made me laugh like no one else alive. His charm, his cleverness…We hunted together, as boys. I was never happier.


Marvel Heroes and Villains, 1964 edition: Loki

Iron Man, Mark H20 [x]